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Not Tonight Dear, I’ve Got a Business to Run!

How do you create a successful career without sacrificing happiness in your marriage and family life?

Dr. Patty Ann's new book provides a proven system to reconcile your work and family responsibilities.


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5 Key Things You Will Learn From This Book:

small heart A proven system for reconciling your work and family responsibilities – one that really works.
small heart Create a family plan that compliments, rather than competes against your business plan.
small heart Money makes the world go – and is the #1 reason for couple fights. Learn your “money motivation” so you can grow your business and keep happiness in your marriage.
small heart Do you know your risk personality? Do you know your partner’s risk personality? Find out in my groundbreaking book.
small heart We can’t keep our business and personal lives separate – so I have created a family plan that takes your business plan into consideration.


Dr. Patty Ann is an internationally recognized relationship and communication expert. She is a sought-after speaker, author and leading authority to professionals in the field of relationship and communication advice. As a female entrepreneur, corporate consultant and licensed therapist, Dr. Patty Ann has helped hundreds of corporate and entrepreneurial business women learn how to create it all – a highly successful thriving business without having to sacrifice happiness in their marriage and family life. Dr. Patty Ann’s techniques combine professional expertise and personal experiences to help women design healthy, happy relationships for success in business and life.


Here is what some POWERFUL & SUCCESSFUL women are saying
about Dr. Patty Ann's book!

“Dr. Patty Ann rolls up her sleeves to tackle what just may be the last frontier for women who yearn to create wildly successful businesses while keeping their marriage and family life intact! This is a brilliantly written and practical jewel of a book that every entrepreneur and woman business owner should read and take to heart!

Barbara Corcoran
The Founder of The Corcoran Group


“This ground breaking book is a MUST read for female entrepreneurs and business owners seeking proven strategies and tools for building a successful, money-making business without having to sacrifice happiness in your marriage, family and other important relationships in your life. Relationship and Business Skills all in the same book – BRILLIANT and unprecedented!”

Liz Lange
CEO and Founder
Liz Lange Maternity


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